Why You Might Need An Adjustable Bed

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There are numerous reasons why you might need an adjustable bed. When it comes to improving quality of life, many people find there is nothing more restorative than spending a night in a hydraulic bed. And when it comes to luxury beds, you don’t need to be infirmed or have a chronic disorder to benefit from an adjustable bed. In fact, you could simply be someone that works hard and needs to sleep just as hard to feel rejuvenated the next day.

Here are three reasons why you might need an adjustable bed.

1. You work on your feet. A lot of people work on their feet and after a while, being on your feet all the time can start to take its toll. Hospital beds are great, because they can allow you to adjust your sleep experience, but what about bringing that experience home with you? With the Easy Rest adjustable sleep experience, you can. Easy Rest beds are designed for use in the home and have mattresses that equal every major retailer in quality. If you are in the service industry or any other position that requires being on your feet for long periods of time, it is recommended to purchase an adjustable bed.

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2. You are a senior. If you are a senior, you might benefit greatly from all the benefits that electric beds have to offer. As a senior, you could have arthritis, joint pain, or any other condition that is common with advanced age. With an adjustable bed frame, you will not only find the right position to sleep in, but you can also find the perfect position for reading or watching television. Not only that, but it is also important to find the right position to get out of bed when you are a senior. With an adjustable bed, you can find this position and maximize the comfort in your life.

3. You are a side sleeper. Sleeping on your side can be one of the best positions according to doctors, but it can eventually cause lower back pain. A memory foam bed can provide support, but not the same support as an adjustable bed. An adjustable bed can provide the right amount of hip support for side sleepers so that their spine and back are perfectly aligned. This simple adjustment can allow for a much more restful night of sleep.

Indeed, an adjustable bed, like the ones made by Easy Rest, can provide people from all walks of life an incredible night’s sleep. If you work on your feet, are elderly, overweight or are a side sleeper, you can enjoy all of the amazing benefits of an adjustable sleep experience. And right now when you visit www.EasyRest.com/sweeps20 you can enter to win your very own Easy Rest adjustable bed – for free. That’s right, free. There is no obligation or purchase necessary. This is an estimated minimum retail value $1,849.00 – Plus Free Delivery and Installation. In less than thirty seconds, you can enter to win the Easy Rest adjustable experience – an experience that will give you a lifetime of relaxation and positional comfort. To enter by phone, call 1-800-706-1092 or visit www.EasyRest.com/sweeps20.

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  1. August 3, 2016 at 7:03 am #

    Thank you for sharing. I work on my feet, and I am a side sleeper. I have noticed that I am getting more lower back pain. I need to look into an adjustable bed. See if that will help at all. I will have to talk to my wife about it.

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