Tips On How To Reduce Acid Reflux

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Learning how to properly alleviate acid reflux and finding remedies is critical for a number of reasons…

First, acid reflux can be incredibly uncomfortable. Acids that rise up and make contact with the esophagus can cause serious pain and discomfort. The acid can result in respiratory issues and, over time, can start to disrupt the cells lining the esophagus. This can cause disruptions that can later turn into cancer. Luckily, there are many ways that you can learn how to reduce the discomfort of acid reflux and get back to enjoying life.

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Below are ten tips on how to reduce acid reflux.

1. Eat until you are full but take your time getting there. One of the biggest reasons that people have acid reflux is because they simply eat too fast. This tricks the stomach into believing it needs more acid to break down the food and begin the digestive process. The problem with this is that the excess acids can splash back up and into your esophagus. Therefore, it is recommended that you eat slowly and that you stop eating once you feel sufficiently full.

2. Reduce your intake of beverages during a meal. Drinking any fluids during a meal can actually cause an acid reflux flare up. The reason why this happens is that the added liquid dilute stomach acid. This dilution causes your stomach to increasingly produce more acid until the food can properly be digested.

A beverage will also put stress on the muscle that prevents stomach acids from reaching your esophagus. On that note, it is recommended that you drink no more than one glass of water while you eat.

3. Find a weight loss program and stick to it. Individuals who are overweight are much more likely to have acid reflux disease and chronic problems that arise from the condition. If you are overweight, you may want to find some solutions to shed the pounds.

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One of the most important first steps is to cut out unhealthy eating habits. There is a good chance that these habits are not only causing the flare-ups of your acid reflux, but also a number of other health conditions. If you are having trouble getting your diet under control and losing weight on your own, visit a specialized weight loss program for help.

4. Stick to a low impact workout regimen. Some work out regimens can actually cause acid reflux flare-ups. If you are trying to lose weight, exercising is a great way to do so, but only if done in moderation.

If your acid reflux has become a chronic problem, you may want to stick with light exercises like walking and lifting light weights. Anything more and you could be experiencing some serious indigestion, as a result of your acid reflux.

5. Stay away from high fat foods. If you really want to ease acid reflux, you want to cut out highly fattening foods, like red meat and junk food. Moreover, anything with excessive saturated fat or grease is highly fattening and you should stay away from it.

Don’t worry, this doesn’t mean that you have to subsist on nothing but salad. There are plenty of savory food that you can eat that are lower in fat content. For instance, fish and meat that aren’t fried, like chicken can be tasty, good for you and it can reduce acid reflux flare-ups.

6. Cut out foods in your diet that exacerbate your acid reflux. One of the most important tips for reducing acid reflux is to cut out certain foods that may be causing your condition to get worse.

So, if you notice that a certain food, like a spicy meal or coffee, is causing your acid reflux to get worse, you’ll know not to incorporate those foods in your diet. It may be hard at first to divorce yourself from these foods, but it will be worth it in terms of your comfort.

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7. Don’t lie down flat right after you eat a meal. Lying down after a meal can increase the chances of a serious acid reflux flare-up. It’s just the simple laws of gravity working against you.

Most doctors recommend that you wait up to two hours before you lie down completely. Not only that, but going to bed less than two hours after eating a meal also contributes to hefty weight gain. So, if you want your body to fully digest a meal, as well as metabolize it properly, be sure to consume your last meal well before bedtime.

8. Wear comfortable clothing. When you have acid reflux, you want to be able to move around freely and your clothing should not constrict your movement in any way. If you are wearing clothing that is too tight, it could cause your acid reflux to not only flare up, but also to worsen. Wearing comfortable clothing to alleviate some of the symptoms of acid reflux is especially important when you are going to bed.

9. Chew gum after you eat a meal. It is amazing what a stick of gum can do for you after you eat a meal. Not only will it freshen your breath, but it will also prevent excess saliva from building up. This can prevent the lubrication your stomach acids need to cause a flare-up.

Also, chewing gum promotes frequent swallowing, which keeps the stomach acids from flaring up in your esophagus. When it comes to the kind of gum you choose, make sure that the flavor is anything but spearmint or mint, because these two flavors can actually cause flare-ups.

10. Quit smoking. Cutting down or eliminating your consumption of tobacco-related products are essential when you are trying to alleviate acid reflux. Smoking can cause a number of problems, including reducing saliva production. Also, the chemicals in cigarette smoke can severely damage your esophagus,.

Quitting smoking can be incredibly difficult, this is true. But, the truth is, quitting now may just save your life and it will certainly help with your acid reflux problem. Talk to your doctor or research smoking cessation programs in your area and get started on your way to a smoke-free life. .

Alleviating acid reflux is easy if you make it a habit and if you tailor your life accordingly.

By customizing your diet, you can effectively reduce the severity of acid reflux flare-ups and you can limit flare-ups from happening in the first place.

If you pay close attention to what you eat, remain physically active, and quit smoking, you will be able to manage your acid reflux much more effectively. With your acid reflux under control, you will be able to go out and live a much happier and healthier life.

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