How To Improve Blood Circulation

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Most of us completely underestimate the importance of improving blood circulation. What we fail to realize is that our blood is much like the oil that allows a car’s pistons and other essential mechanical parts to function smoothly and efficiently. The blood in our bodies allows our biological machine to function efficiently.

So why is it important to increase blood circulation? You should increase blood circulation, because your circulatory system is responsible for sending oxygen, nutrients, hormones and other essential chemicals throughout your entire body. This allows you to stay healthy and to fight off disease.

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What causes poor blood circulation? There are many causes of poor blood circulation, from diabetes to consumption of tobacco related products. Luckily, there are also a number of ways to increase blood circulation.

Here are some proven ways to improve blood circulation and to live a healthier lifestyle.

Reduce your stress levels. Stress and anxiety are two of the biggest contributors to poor blood circulation and high blood pressure. If you are experiencing either of these health issues, you have to find ways to lower your stress levels. Meditation is one technique that can help and breathing exercises lower stress as well. At work or at home – when you are feeling frustrated – you may want to try taking deep breaths to clear your mind and your stress level will be lower in no time.

Get more exercise. There is nothing like physical fitness to promote healthy blood circulation. One of the best exercises to improve blood circulation is walking so get out and take long walks. Walking gets the whole body moving and the blood pumping.
It is critical that you exercise at least thirty minutes a day if you want to remain healthy, so walking can be a great way to get your daily fitness quota in. Walk around the mall, your neighborhood or you can hit the hiking trails if you feel up to it. Many people simply don’t feel comfortable going into a gym to work out. This is especially true if they haven’t worked out in a long time. Walking, on the other hand, is something nearly anyone can do and will feel comfortable with.

Skip the elevator and take the stairs. If you are physically able to, you want to try and put yourself in challenging physical situations that will help to improve blood circulation by getting you to move more. Put yourself in situations that you wouldn’t normally find yourself in. For instance, instead of taking the elevator to your floor at work or home, like you usually do, take the stairs. Walking up the stairs will feel like torture in the beginning, but as you do it more and more, it will start to feel amazing.

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Drink ginger tea. When it comes to natural remedies to improve blood circulation, ginger is said to work wonders. Raw ginger can be a little bit strong for most people, which is why most use it by infusing it with tea. Ginger has been proven to have special properties that promote healthy blood circulation so it should be added to your diet. When you go to the supermarket to buy ginger, make sure to purchase the ginger in root form and not in a powder form.

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Stretch it out. Stretching can work wonders when it comes to improving blood circulation. If you work a job that requires you to sit for long stretches during the day, you want to make sure to stretch and walk around before you start your workday.

One of the best stretching exercises is to stand up and then bend down to touch your toes. Another effective way to stretch is to reach up and then bend your arms backwards to stretch your shoulders and back. Not only is it important to stretch after sitting for a long time, but you also want to stretch before you go to sleep at night and also when you wake up in the morning. Stretching can improve circulation before, during and after being in one position for an extended period of time.

Sleep with your legs elevated. If you have diabetes or another condition that affects the circulation in your legs, improving circulation is a must. One way to do this is to make sure that you keep your legs elevated while you sleep.

Sleeping in an adjustable bed is one very effective way to elevate your feet, which can prevent poor circulation. An adjustable bed can be set up so that the foot of the bed is on an incline, thus sending blood back towards the rest of the body. Not only will this increase blood flow and increase circulation, but it will also make it much easier to sleep comfortably.

Drink plenty of water. Water is essential to life and it is also essential for healthy blood circulation. So, you want to make sure that you drink plenty of waterDon’t just hydrate after you exercise, but you also want to keep a bottle of water available to you throughout the day. Keeping hydrated will ensure that your body has the right level of fluids to keep your blood pressure and blood circulation even.

Quit smoking. One of the biggest contributors to poor blood circulation is smoking. This is because the tar and nicotine in the cigarette smoke enters the blood stream and actually cuts off blood flow to your extremities, like your feet and hands.

So, you want to do your best to quit smoking. It may be hard to go cold turkey, so you might want to think about finding a smoking cessation program. Many different programs are available, sometimes through your local health department. You can also talk to your doctor about all the various ways you can quit.

Lastly, improved blood circulation is important, especially when it comes to maintaining your overall health. Blood circulation and a normal blood pressure is important for the sake of sending oxygen and nutrients throughout your bloodstream. It is critical to your body’s ability to fight off diseases and infection as well. In the end, you should be doing everything you can to promote and increase your blood circulation.

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