Home Remedies for Edema

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Edema shows up as a swelling of the tissues beneath the skin, puffiness or a stretching of the skin. After pressure is released, the area will continue to dimple. Edema also shows up as an enlargement in the abdomen. Edema is the result of excessive fluid retention. Edema is often found in the ankles, feet, and legs. It can also affect your organs. Edema may be a symptom of: pregnancy, congestive heart failure, diabetes, allergies, or infection. Pitted edema occurs when the skin continues to show an indentation after pressure is not being applied. Non-pitting edema leaves no indention when pressure is released.

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Edema can be an indication of a serious condition. Do not ignore it. There are many natural ways to reduce edema:

1. House Clean: Edema Natural Remedy

An easy first step is to clear from your body—and your cupboard—any confirmed or suspected foods to which you are allergic. This will reduce sources of inflammation.

2. Ix-nay the Salt Shaker

Another of the recommended edema home remedies is to leave the salt shaker in your cupboard. Salt contributes to water retention. Drastically limit salt intake if you are experiencing edema.

3. Eliminate Your Vices

Cut out any intake of alcohol, tobacco, and caffeine. These can inhibit the natural functions of cells and organs. Less effective cellular activity can be a cause of edema. Abstinence is one of the edema natural remedies.

4. Rethink Your Diet

One of the home remedies for edema is to limit intake of fatty foods including fried foods, animal proteins, and chocolate. High fat foods limit the effectiveness of liver, gallbladder, kidneys, and pancreas.

5. Up Your Intake of Fruit and Vegetables

Edema remedies include increasing consumption of fruit and vegetables. These eliminate toxins from your system decreasing changes of edema.

6. Increase Water Intake

Edema natural remedies include increasing water intake. Dehydration can aggravate edema. Drinking plenty of water helps your body flush out toxins and salt.

7. How about a Cuppa?

home remedies for edema,edema remedies,edema natural remedies,edema home remedies,remedies for edemaMake an effective tea from a diuretic herb such as dandelions. Boil a cup of water. Add twoteaspoons of fresh dandelion leaves and allow it to steep for five minutes. Dandelion leaves are highly nutritious. They are great edema home remedies. They contain large amounts of many vitamins and minerals to help your cells and organs perform efficiently. Efficient cells are greatfor fighting edema. Drink two cups of dandelion tea every day to naturally reduce edema. You can also make great diuretic teas from the following herbs: horsetail, parsley, yarrow, nettle, and watercress.

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8. Exercise away Edema

Exercise is an effective way to reduce edema. Not only does a regular exercise regimen increase blood circulation and oxygen to all the cells, it is also a natural diuretic.

9. Learn from the Ancient Chinese

Ancient Chinese cultures found acupuncture and massage effective ways to combat edema. They are still being used today.

10. Try some Grape Seed Extract

Available in health food stores, pharmacies and nutrition aisles of large department stores, grape seed extract can be found taken in capsules, powders or teas. The antioxidants are believed to be edema natural remedies for reducing edema.

11. A Cucumber a Day Keeps the Edema away!

Cucumbers are considered good home remedies for edema. Eating one a day is an effective remedy for edema. Or, you can consume a glass of fresh cucumber juice each morning.

12. Reduce the Swelling Naturally

Effective edema remedies include herbs like comfrey and coltsfoot. Boil four cups of water and add a couple of teaspoons each of comfrey and coltsfoot. Boil for another five minutes. Strain the liquid. Dip a clean washcloth in the water. Place the cloth over the swollen area. Repeat the treatment twice or three times a day.

13. Warm Mustard Oil

Among edema remedies is warm mustard oil. It helps ease swelling. Apply to the affected areas. You can also soak mustard seeds in water and immerse the swelled area in the solution.

14. Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is used as a home remedy for treating edema. It helps remove excess fluids.

15. Clean out the Junk Foods!

Alas! Consuming processed foods like pre-packaged anything, carbonated drinks, and junk foods increase edema. Instead, eat fruit, vegetables and drink fresh fruit and vegetable juices.


How to Reduce Edema Naturally
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