5 Best Ways To Manage Stress

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Today, our lives are consumed by work, family and play time. Sometimes, we become overwhelmed by the day to day grind that we must endure and our stress levels seem to overcome us, but there are ways to manage stress.

We must first evaluate what is causing the stress, and then find the solution to combat the stress, and by doing this I mean that stress can be caused by too much caffeine and sugar, or it could be something or someone at work. But there are 5 ways in managing stress that I find helpful in every area of my life. And although there are drug alternatives in managing stress, many are unsafe. It is just as easy and healthier if we can just follow these five simple steps in managing our stress in our lives.

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5 Best Ways To Manage Stress

Here are the best ways to manage stress..

  1. Our diet is very important in managing our stress and we should avoid excessive amounts of caffeine and sugars because these two small ingredients can cause so many problems within our bodies but it also causes us to become more agitated and stressed. We also should eliminate junk foods in our diets because these too can cause weight gain and obesity which also causes stress. Red meats also are hard on our bodies and we should eat more fish and poultry, along with more fruits and vegetables. What we put in our body will determine our energy levels, as well as our stress levels.
  2. Exercise is the key to keeping our bodies running at its optimal best and exercise is also a great stress reliever. And I have found it to be one of the best ways to manage stress. Walking is a great way to relieve stress and helps to clear your mind of all the junk that life throws at us, and swimming and riding a bicycle is fun to do, and a great way to lose weight as well.
  3. A healthy mind is just as important, as a healthy body and our minds take on some much each day with our families, our friends and coworkers. And if we do not have ways to manage the stress involved with our everyday lives, we can become very sick and it can even cause death. So, one of the ways I like to manage my stress levels, is doing something I enjoy every day, like reading a good book, listen to music you love or painting something that you love. I enjoy spending time with my loved ones and sharing quality time and it just make the stress go away.
  4. Managing our time can be effective in managing stress in our lives, because when we over extend ourselves at work and at home, we can cause ourselves great amounts of stress. So, we need to learn how to spend our time wisely and do only what you know you are capable of accomplishing. We tend to think we are super human and can do more than the average person, but our bodies tend to disagree and stress takes a toll on our bodies, and can even lead to heart problems and even death.
  5. Sleep is crucial in maintaining optimal health, and it helps the body release stress and renew itself. Eight hours of good sleep will help renew and rejuvenate cells in our bodies. And a good mattress in essential for a good night’s sleep. Sleeping on an uncomfortable mattress will leave you tossing and turning all night, thus a bad night’s sleep. After a day of being on your feet, you will usually experience lower back pain, and we then have trouble going to sleep and staying asleep, and this can cause tremendous stress on our bodies and our minds and even gets worse as you get older. Thus, the best solution is a quality mattress and plenty of sleep.

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Now, these five ways in managing the stress in our lives can only enhance the quality of our lives and will help us to live a longer, happier, and healthier life. And we can pass these new skills on to our loved ones to ensure they too live a better quality of life.

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